PACA shows support for the RDOS’s Oliver area KVR application

There probably isn’t a cyclist in our club who hasn’t ridden on at least one spur of the Kettle Valley Railway trail. We are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to ride through Okanagan landscapes unaccompanied by traffic or noise. Many use it as a link from downtown to the 3 Blind Mice, others as a convenient route to connect… Read more →


The Vortex 2015 Recap

On October 11th, PACA hosted Vortex in the Vines- Race #3 in the Interior Cross series. This year we chose a new location; Selby Park on  the West Bench, as well as, the neighboring Prowse Family Vineyard. Special thanks to the RDOS, Chris and Lisa Prowse, and other local residents for actively supporting the race. This race was the first cyclocross race in… Read more →

Dave in his backyard. 3BM

Trails BC Competition

Trails BC is engaged in a contest to win $10,000 for the organization to help counteract the motorized faction in this province.  Here is a letter from the President of Trails BC. The motorized crowd aggressively wants almost every trail to be “shared”. Please remember to vote daily and please share this e-mail with people who want to keep some trails for… Read more →