New Information Kiosks for the 3 Blind Mice

Our new Information Kiosks for the 3 Blind Mice.

Two of our kiosks are ready! These were generously built by Greyback Construction with supplies donated by Stucturlam, Home Hardware, and Interior Roofing. Big thanks to the businesses!
Now we need to decide where the first big one goes. The plan is for it to be just after the Pearly Gate in a location that is impossible to miss.
I have attached photos of 3 (but not all) of the options.
1-just to the left of the gate with only one side visible to up and down riders.
2-just straight and right of the gate with both sides visible to up and down riders
3-straight and left of the gate with both sides visible to up and down riders
We will have an overview map of the Mice, info on PACA and bike shops, trail days, trail etiquette etc..
Send us your vote or give another suggestion

New 3 Blind Mice Kiosks

Test of Humanity – Sept, 21st 2014. Sign Up Today!

On September 21st, 2014, the Test of Humanity race kicks off again with an awesome day of racing.
Be sure to sign up today.
Only one month left of registration.

The Test of Humanity’s mission is:
  • To help break the cycle of poverty in Ethiopia by providing orphaned and vulnerable children with access to an education
  • To provide food assistance to those locally that cannot provide for themselves
  • To provide an exciting day of mountain bike racing for all ages and abilities
By racing in the Test of Humanity you will be playing a vital role in improving the lives of children in Ethiopia and in providing food assistance to those in need in our local community.  So please join us along with the legendary race announcer Steve King for a great day of racing, and know that you will actually be racing … build lives.

City of Penticton- Letter of Support

The City of Penticton has thrown its full support behind PACA in our quest for an improved Three Blind Mice Mountain Bike Park.
Mountain Bike Tourism is a growing industry and we are working hard to make Penticton a tourist destination for Cycling. The Three Blind Mice is a very important part of Penticton as a Cycling Destination.
These are very exciting times.

Letter of Support - PACA

Sumac Ridge Wine Tour

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Sumac Ridge Wine Tour. It was a wonderful day to ride the KVR to Summerland and back.
The Wine Tour topped it all off.
Stay tuned for more fun adventures!2014-08-09 11.58.15

Penticton Commuting – Dangerous Intersections

Commuting or just riding through town?
Crash data from ICBC show the most accident prone areas of the city.
Just something to think about on your next ride through town.
Note: There is nothing dangerous about these Intersections. They are just busier then most areas. These are Vehicle Accidents, not Bicycle Accidents.

  1. Industrial and Main Intersection
  2. Channel Parkway and Fairview Intersection
  3. Duncan Ave and Main st Intersection
  4. Warren Ave and Main st Intersection

View the full article at


Photo from Penticton Western News

July 26th 2014 – Challenge Penticton Bike Course Supported Ride

On July 26th, Join us in taking part in the Penticton Triathlon Club Challenge Penticton “Supported Ride”.
Ride the Challenge course knowing that mobile aid stations will be on course with fluids, ice water, bananas, gels, spare tubes, and a ride if needed. Support provided by Tricycle Okanagan.
Fee to be determined, to pay for gas for volunteer drivers. Parkway Chevron is helping us, by providing the ice.

A few of our members have taken part in this ride in previous years and thoroughly enjoyed it. We think you will too!

Submit your interest below.

2014 PACA Jersey Order

Looking for that Jersey to show your support of the local cycling Community?
We have it.

Fill in the form below to show your interest on our next PACA Jersey order.
We will endeavor to have samples for you to try for sizing.
Pricing is dependent on order quantity. Likely cost will be between $70 and $90.
We will send out a confirmation email when the order is ready to be completed to let you know final price.
This will be your chance to agree or disagree to the order.

Shortsleeve Sleeveless

Toonie Tuesday – Results and Photos – 24th June 2014

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Third edition of Toonie Tuesday for 2014.
We hope you had a great time.
We have to give a big thank you to Alison Crawford who donated this weeks lovely burgers and Joy and Carl Peterson who donated the beverages.
We also had a great time with the Youth Group who took on Campbell Mtn as well after their great year of skills training.
The next Toonie Tuesday heads to Summerland to take on the Test of Humanity course.


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