Cycling Network Plan for Victoria – 2014 Update

The City of Victoria’s first Bicycle Master Plan, created in 1995,
resulted in the development of cycling infrastructure and
programs over the last 19 years. In 2014, the City decided to
engage citizens, both cyclists and non-cyclists alike, in developing
an updated plan. Two workshops with cyclists were held in
early May, 2014; a third workshop was held on May 26, focusing
on non-cyclists—or future cyclists—and facilitated by
SFU Carbon Talks.

Safety Village Fundraiser – Sept 20th 2014

The Penticton Fire Department is inviting the public to a fundraising event to benefit ongoing operations at the Penticton Safety Village.
The safety village offers safety education and awareness to children on a variety of topics from bicycle safety, rules of the road, fire hazard awareness and home fire escape planning.



Final Toonie Tuesday results

2014-08-19 18.15.05 Toonie Tuesday

Gary Gregg doing the final course speech for the year. Thanks Gary.

The final Toonie Tuesday has been run and done for the year.
We would like to thank everyone for a great year and we hope to see you all again next year.
We have had a blast organising these events and if you have any ideas on how we can make them more fun, please let us know.
There are a lot of thank yous to all the people who have donated food, brews and their time in time keeping, course marking and cooking.
There are way to many names to mention here but we Thank You so very much, as without you, we wouldn’t be able to do it.


New Information Kiosks for the 3 Blind Mice

Our new Information Kiosks for the 3 Blind Mice.

Two of our kiosks are ready! These were generously built by Greyback Construction with supplies donated by Stucturlam, Home Hardware, and Interior Roofing. Big thanks to the businesses!
Now we need to decide where the first big one goes. The plan is for it to be just after the Pearly Gate in a location that is impossible to miss.
I have attached photos of 3 (but not all) of the options.
1-just to the left of the gate with only one side visible to up and down riders.
2-just straight and right of the gate with both sides visible to up and down riders
3-straight and left of the gate with both sides visible to up and down riders
We will have an overview map of the Mice, info on PACA and bike shops, trail days, trail etiquette etc..
Send us your vote or give another suggestion

New 3 Blind Mice Kiosks

Test of Humanity – Sept, 21st 2014. Sign Up Today!

On September 21st, 2014, the Test of Humanity race kicks off again with an awesome day of racing.
Be sure to sign up today.
Only one month left of registration.

The Test of Humanity’s mission is:
  • To help break the cycle of poverty in Ethiopia by providing orphaned and vulnerable children with access to an education
  • To provide food assistance to those locally that cannot provide for themselves
  • To provide an exciting day of mountain bike racing for all ages and abilities
By racing in the Test of Humanity you will be playing a vital role in improving the lives of children in Ethiopia and in providing food assistance to those in need in our local community.  So please join us along with the legendary race announcer Steve King for a great day of racing, and know that you will actually be racing … build lives.

City of Penticton- Letter of Support

The City of Penticton has thrown its full support behind PACA in our quest for an improved Three Blind Mice Mountain Bike Park.
Mountain Bike Tourism is a growing industry and we are working hard to make Penticton a tourist destination for Cycling. The Three Blind Mice is a very important part of Penticton as a Cycling Destination.
These are very exciting times.

Letter of Support - PACA