April Volunteer Hours (So Far)

With the upcoming trail day on Sunday April 23rd, we are sure to log over 300 hours volunteer hours via our site. We also know that many hours go un-logged.

Remember to log your hours this weekend. http://www.bikepenticton.com/volunteer-hours-2/


As of 9am the 22nd of April, 2017, we have already 215 Volunteer hours for April. Crazy!

Dave Foot – 60 Hours
Shaun Gratton – 29 hours
Aaron Barry – 27 hours
Linnette Gratton – 16 hours
Laura Harp – 13 hours
Sybilla Bartram, Dave Cleveland, Stacey Cleveland, Gary McBryde, Vance Fugeta all have amassed hours too.


We thank each and every volunteer for their amazing support and we love what you do!!



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