Campbell Mountain Loop

A quick description of how to Access and navigate Campbell Mountain

For this Campbell Mountain Loop we access it via Greyback Mountain Road.

You can find full details of this Route at

The Campbell’s loop passes through private property- be respectful so we can keep access to these wonderful trails.

Just past the cattle guard you will find a small parking lot that fits about 5 or 6 vehicles. Please park sensibly as to not block access to the Yellow Gate and to allow Ranchers access to their property with big Trucks and Trailers.

Starting at the access road, pass through the yellow gate and follow the road for approximately 100 metres where you will find the road starts to turn to the left. On the right hand side of this turn, look for the start of the single track that leads you off onto this loop.

Once onto the single track, we are on the look out for little orange Arrow signs that lead you in the direction of the loop.

Campbell Signage

Following the orange signs, you should end up at the DQ Table that was placed up here many years ago. This is about 1.5km from the start.

This offers an amazing view over Penticton and Okanagan Lake.



Its at this point you have a decision to make, follow it to the left where you climb up to the Summit  and then descend back to the exact place you are standing or follow it to the right and do a flatter route of navigating around Campbell Mountain. The choice is yours. Both are great choices.

Once you decide to turn to the right or have finished your descent, follow the signs around to the south side of the mountain.

Enjoy the descent!

Once you pass a small little table top, you once again have a decision to make. A left hand turn takes you to some switchbacks to climb up and over or a turn to the right takes you along the Canyon route which does have some cliff exposure.

Campbell Mtn

Once you are past the Canyon or have finished the climb, continue on for a little while till you start climbing a few more switchbacks. You will climb back out to a service road.

From here, follow the Orange signs back to the car park with some fun descending.




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