Campbell Mountain Parking

It is that time of year again and Campbell Mt is all the rage right now. This being the case, we need to be extra vigilant about how vehicles are parked at the Yellow Gate (or Red Gate for that matter). All our access points to Campbell Mountain are via private land, as such, we as recreational users must try to retain that access by not hindering the owners.

At the Yellow Gate, if none of the 4-5 spots is available at the new pull-in, try up the road a ways, a few more cars can fit there. Definitely, do not park on or around the driveway on the north as the Rancher is continually driving up and down with large trucks and trailers. You are parking and crossing HIS property, respect HIS access to it. The best spot to park is down below the cattle guard around the mailboxes, obviously not in front of as the residents still need access. We are currently working on new parking services in that vicinity, so please be patient.

Those that park at the Red Gate, just keep parking off road as in the past. Just be cautious of the high speed downhill vehicles. And as always, be respectful of the private property and driveway you are crossing.



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