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Earth Wind and Tire – Thursday July 27

KVR Ride We will be riding on Thursday July 27 at 1:15 from Smethurst Road on the KVR out to and perhaps beyond the little tunnel, ambition depending!  I’m planning on a 2 hour ride, taking a bit more than an hour out and less back downhill.  Faster riders will go ahead, more leisurely riders go at their own pace.  I’ll go… Read more →

Thursday KVR Ride – July 13th 2017

Hi everyone, The Thursday ride July 13, 2017 will be along the trail/channel in Oliver. We can meet up at the parking lot just off of Tucelnuit Drive. Depending on the heat will determine how far we go. We rode this once before to Road 22. Drinks afterward at Liquidity Winery. Drive down Hwy 97 to the Esso station (used… Read more →

KVR - OK Falls & Penticton

Thursday KVR Ride

Ride: West Skaha trail from Wright’s beach camp to Kaleden and beyond if we want.   Looks like the best time for all is leaving at 1:15-ish, accommodating those that work!  I think parking can be a challenge near Wright’s camp so I’m thinking we can park on the east side of the airport, the little road/parking lot or at… Read more →

Hill Climb Results

June 18 Carmi Hill Climb results Emma Lujan             31:16 Rhys Spencer           31:21 Stacey Cleveland    32:06 Mike Cooke             35:44 Chris Bergstrom     36:25 Todd Hillier             39:34 John Mitchell         39:08 Debbie Finnie        39:34 Gary Denton          42:06 Kevin Harvey         45:00 Peter Master         45:04 Draw prize winner: Mike Cooke Thanks everyone for your help. Sybilla Bartram   Read more →