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Hill Climb Results

June 18 Carmi Hill Climb results Emma Lujan             31:16 Rhys Spencer           31:21 Stacey Cleveland    32:06 Mike Cooke             35:44 Chris Bergstrom     36:25 Todd Hillier             39:34 John Mitchell         39:08 Debbie Finnie        39:34 Gary Denton          42:06 Kevin Harvey         45:00 Peter Master         45:04 Draw prize winner: Mike Cooke Thanks everyone for your help. Sybilla Bartram   Read more →

May 21st Hill Climb Results

Our First race of the year was held on the 21st of May. Incredible times up Carmi rd. Congrats to Emma Lujan. The next race is June 4th in Summerland. For series info, head to Carmi Hill Climb results: Emma Lujan                 31.03 Rhys Spencer               32.47… Read more →