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KVR Closure

KVR between Sutherland and Arawana is still closed

Just a reminder that the KVR between Sutherland rd and Arawana rd is still closed. RDOS (Regional District), FLNRO (Forestries) and MOTI (Ministry of Transportation)  are all working on solutions to open the trail as soon as possible.   The closure signs, barriers and fencing are up for a reason. This site has some fairly significant issues and some areas… Read more →

Pump Track Trail Day

Our September Pump Track day was a great success. A motley crew of volunteers rallied together and worked on finishing the mulch in the islands as well as the rustic perimeter delineating fence. We still need to do the final connections on the fencing, our limited tools and skill set prevented finishing today. Thanks to all that came out and… Read more →

KVR - OK Falls & Penticton

Thursday KVR Ride

Ride: West Skaha trail from Wright’s beach camp to Kaleden and beyond if we want.   Looks like the best time for all is leaving at 1:15-ish, accommodating those that work!  I think parking can be a challenge near Wright’s camp so I’m thinking we can park on the east side of the airport, the little road/parking lot or at… Read more →

Photos from Myra Canyon to Penticton KVR Ride

Photos from the KVR. Myra Canyon to Penticton.   Trail is in reasonable shape with numerous road sized water holes to ride through, around or over. Prepare to get your feet wet.  We suggest you bring water proof shoes or a change of socks. We also suggest you bring some chain lube to refresh your chain throughout the ride. The… Read more →

Thursday Group RIde

Thursday Night Group Ride Mountain Bike

A series of mountain bike group rides that will fill the need for riding while we wait for conditions to clear and our other group rides take over.   Thursday Night April 6th, 2017 5.00pm Meet at Poplar Grove Rd parking lot   Skill level: Intermediate Pace: Very Casual. Flowers are out. We also love photos. Depending on weather conditions,… Read more →