Club Membership Role

Hope every one is enjoying something of a break over the Christmas season!

As you head into the new year and making your New Years resolutions, how about adding one of these to your list.

PACA is looking for self motivated individuals to take of some of our executive roles. Its very rewarding to volunteer for your local bike club and besides Justin says we should all volunteer more! Don’t want to disappoint the PM!

Club Membership:

The Membership Officer is responsible for the registration of all members of PACA and the maintenance of the membership register. 
Responsible To: The Membership Officer is directly responsible to the President, the committee and the members. 
Responsibilities and Duties:
● Monitor the PACA gmail account, finding and recording new members
● Liaise with the two bike shops in town to receive new member forms and to keep supplied with blank forms
● Maintain Excel spreadsheet with member information
● Creation of membership card and emailing out welcome letter to new members
● Maintain the list of executive members and ensure that they are provided the appropriate complimentary membership each year 
● Reconcile PACA online and mailed in membership payments with deposits into the account with the assistance of the Treasurer
● Respond to all membership enquiries in a timely manner, preferably within 24-48 hours
● Provide regular updates on the state of membership
● Maintain contact with the membership and develop ideas for expanding membership within the club

Knowledge and Skills Required:

● Well organised with good time management skills 
● Able to allocate regular time periods to maintain the register 
● Able to keep good records 
● Able to communicate with the public 
● Accessible to potential and existing members – especially during renewal times 
● Working knowledge of Excel and email programs

Estimated Time Commitment Required: 2-3 hours per week, with more in the Spring during renewal season than in the fall.



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