Construction to Naramata Roads

The RDOS gave us a heads up on some water works they will be tackling along 3 areas in the Naramata district. Eyes up and watch for the Flaggers, they may be able to recommend which route is best at that time.

This is not a road system upgrade but a water main grade. Improvements to the road are not scheduled at this time.

Keep updated by watching for news on:

The section of Haymen Rd between 8th and Old Main is scheduled for July 3-17th

The section of Juniper Drive around the Pump Station is slated for July 17-21st.

And the big one, Naramata Road between Gawne and Arawana is going to be going on for the rest of the year. This section will require single-lane alternating or full detour up Gawne/Gammon which will be visibly marked. We must urge caution as this detour up Gawne Road is narrow and has blind corners. Stay safe.



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