Incredible volunteer hours logged this year

2017 Volunteer Hours

As a volunteer club, we look to our members for their support and the few free hours they have to help out around the club.

We like to track our volunteer hours via our website to help show our sponsors the amazing support we get from the community and to help recognize the hard workers we have around the club. We also like to track the tasks that have been completed to avoid double handling of tasks. We find it a key factor in ensuring work is being completed and our man hours are being used responsibly.


In all for 2017, we had over 50 volunteers add 1696 volunteer hours to our database, a massive year once again that showcases the hard work that the club likes to achieve. We also know that a lot of volunteer hours that don’t get logged and can only imagine the total hours that come from our members.

We would like to once again thank our members for the wonderful year we had and would like to see many more hours logged next year.





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