Mountain Bike Tourism Symposium synopsis

I was pretty excited to attend the Mountain Bike Tourism Symposium in Revelstoke on September 14& 15 as a representative for the Penticton and Area Cycling Association. 

There were over 200 attendees ranging from non-profit clubs such as ours, land managers, industry, tourism etc. It was special to be surrounded by similar minded and bike passionate people. 

I was very inspired by the numerous incredible projects that I learned about and also comforted to hear of similar difficulties that many of the small clubs across the province are facing today. My plan was to write a summary to share with you but it looks like I delayed long enough because a very well-written article titled Balancing Act was released today by Whistler based Pique newsmagazine. It does a very good job summarizing the topics discussed and I highly recommend that you read it.

Feel free to email with any of your own thoughts after reading the article. 

Thank a volunteer today- especially someone on your club executive. These people are working extremely hard each and every day to keep our trails open, develop news ones and manage the demands of numerous groups. It has become more of a job than a volunteer gig for many.

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