Myra Canyon to Penticton

Trail : Myra Canyon KVR to Penticton

Distance : Approx 80km


The Myra Canyon KVR Ride to Penticton is a ride that we suggest everyone tries at least once when adventuring in the Okanagan. At 80km long, this section of the KVR can be very testing but is such an enjoyable ride that it is so worth it. Based out of Penticton, we caught a Shuttle ride thanks to Hoodoo Adventures to the trailhead at Myra Canyon starting at the most Northern end of the Trestles. Using a shuttle service, we were able to load up our bikes and not have to worry about vehicles and drivers and to just enjoy the day.

Shuttle service

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Myra Canyon to Penticton

The trail condition changes throughout the year so keep this in mind when preparing for this ride. During the long days of summer, the trail becomes very soft and sandy through vehicle use.

Starting with the Trestles, you begin with some awe inspiring views and the amazement of how much time and man power was spent in creating the Kettle Valley Railway.

After the trestles, you will encounter varying terrain with loose gravel, potholes and depending on the time of the year, swimming pools of water that you will need to cross to continue on your way.

With a good fitting and well tuned up bike, these obstacles should be no match for you as you ride towards Chute lake.

The views along this section are absolutely amazing overlooking Kelowna towards Vernon area. Enjoy.

Be wary for the wildlife in the area such as Bear, Moose and Snakes.

Chute Lake to Penticton

Chute Lake offers you a great place to sit and relax and prepare yourself for the next section on your way to Penticton. Be sure to check out the Chute Lake menu which at the time offered us beer, Burgers, cinnamon buns and of course, Pie. Fill up before heading off.

Once again, the road because it is used by motor bikes and other vehicles will vary in condition throughout the year so be careful.

There are lots of places to stop and take in the sights with Pit Toilets and Bike Parking. This area is rich with History, so take the time to explore the many Rock Ovens and the two Tunnels.

Rock Ovens Park is a historic section between Chute Lake and Penticton. Rock ovens were constructed along the Kettle Valley and were built between 1911 and 1915.

Once you are down in Penticton, be sure to check out everything there is to offer such as the breweries, wineries, lakes, channel float or whatever else takes your fancy for recovering after your long ride.

What we suggest:

  • A well maintained Mountain Bike recently serviced.
    Depending on the time of year, it is very dry but can also be very wet in places. The two extremes can really test your bike.
  • A well fitting bike.
    Bike fit is very important when spending long times in the saddle.
  • Good quality tires.
    There are plenty of places that you can catch a sharp edged rock and many areas that contain loose sandy sections of road. Tires that are able to handle both these situations will make your day so much more enjoyable.
  • A Hydration pack with at least 2 Litres of Water.
  • Bicycle Survival kit. Spare Tubes, Pump, Toolkit.
    It’s a long hike if you suffer a mechanical with some sections having very little to no cell service.
  • Comfortable Clothing.
    Comfort is very important when spending 4 to 6 hours on a bike. Cycling shorts are advisable.

How to Ride this Trail:

There are several ways to enjoy this trail.

  • Ride North from Penticton to Kelowna. Enjoy the Trail both ways.
  • Get a friend to drop you off at the trail head
  • Take part in the many events that use this section of trail

and our preferred method,

  • Catch a shuttle bus to the start and just enjoy the ride.