New Phase of Neverland

As we are all aware it is really dry out there and having not rained for over 60 days, lets talk about the new phase of NEVERLAND.

It was finished well after the rains had stopped and Cabin forestry spent a lot of time top capping the trail. So that means that it has not had time to set in yet. PACA, Grant matching and our Community Foundation partners have spent over $30,000 to build this vital infrastructure to get us a proper climbing trail to the upper portion of the Mice.

So having a quick look at Strava, you have to love social media, it seems that there have been at least 25 people that have ridden the trail already. You know who you are.

Lets be respectful of the volunteer time that was put into making this happen and the community that has come together with funds to make this happen. The rains will come and the trail will set in and we will be able to have a grand opening party to celebrate this, but in the mean time please stay off the new phase of NEVERLAND.



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