PACA 100

Ride Description:

This will be a ride of at least 100km which will be supported by vehicle. This could be a training ride or you could make it your goal for the year.
Please keep in mind that the support vehicle will be prepared for 4 to 5 hours of riding time. Any quicker or slower then that, you cannot be guaranteed ride support.



Sunday 7th May 2017


Start time is 9am.




BarleyMill Pub – Barley Mill Brew Pub & Sports

2460 Skaha Lake Rd.
Penticton, BC Canada



Nutrition and Hydration will be provided throughout the ride.

There will be 3 aid stations. 25, 50 and 75km.
1) Vasuex Lake
2) Top of Fairview Climb
3) See Ya Later Ranch Winery
There will be an ice cold jug of water on hand at any stage.



The route takes you along Eastside road which skirts Skaha Lake. You then climb McLean Ck which is the first climb of the day of the World Famous Challenge Penticton Bike course.

A quick descent takes you down to the town of Okanagan Falls at which point you will turn left onto Maple St which will take you out through some lovely Vineyards before dropping back down to Lake level where you will join onto the highway that skirts Vaseux Lake. At Vaseux Lake, you can take advantage of the first of 3 Aid Stations.

This quick section of highway will take you South to Jackson Triggs Winery where you will be turning left on to Tucelnuit Drive where you will pass another lake, Tu-El-Nuit Lake.

From Tuc-El-Nuit, you will continue onto one of our favorite roads in the South, Blacksage Rd. At Saskatoon rd, you will turn right and then right again on Ryegrass rd. This will take you back to highway 97 where you will then take a left at Road 5. Turn right at Sumac st and then left onto Old Golf Course Rd. Climb until you hit Fairview rd. Enjoy your second aid Station.

Along the Willowbrook road you go with some lovely countryside riding taking you to Greenlake. Descend carefully as we now venture back to Okanagan Falls, McLean Ck and Eastside Rd before heading back to the Barley Mill Pub for a well earned rest.


You can find the course map on Strava.

You can print a Cue Sheet


Aid Stations/Support Vehicle:

The support vehicle will have a toolkit, pump and other assortment of items to keep your ride going due to minor mechanical issues. If a major mechanical issue occurs, the SAG (Support and Gear) wagon will carry you all the way home.

Other Important Information:

 After Ride Lunch Celebration
After the ride, we will be heading back to the Barley Mill for lunch. We have booked the front patio area where we can dine on great food and kick back some beers. At this point, you can put your feet up knowing that you put in a tough 100km.

Free all day parking can be found at Real Canadian Superstore, Walmart and Cherrylane Mall which are short riding distances to the start location (Less than a Kilometer). The Barley Mill has several events throughout the day and has minimal parking, so if you are able to park elsewhere, please do so. Any questions about parking, please feel free to ask and i can guide you in finding a suitable all day location.

 Secure Bike Parking
The Barley Mill has kindly offered up part of their front patio to be used as bike parking for approx 25 bikes for the afternoon lunch. If you are able to leave your bike elsewhere in a secure place, please do so. We might not have enough space for everyone but for the ones who need it, we have it for you.

Rules of PACA 100:

 At no stage is this Course closed to the General Public. We will, to the best of our endeavour try to ensure that the Public understand that a ride is in progress.
Please be aware that at points of the ride you may come across other Cyclists, Hikers, Motor Bikers and Other Motor Vehicles such as Four Wheel Drives and Trucks. They will hopefully give you right of way but please remember that general rules of the road apply.

 Your Safety is Your Responsibility.

 No Ride is worth risking your life for.

 All Riders are required to wear a Helmet.

 Riders must ALWAYS obey all traffic laws and strictly obey any law enforcement persons or official race personnel. In the interest of your own safety, you should always assume the same level of vigilance in riding your bike during the event that you would under normal circumstances.

 When passing other riders, use your common sense and pass on the left and let yourself be known when doing so. After you pass, resume riding as far right as safely possible.

 You are responsible for your own mechanical needs during the event.


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