PACA Enduro Mtn Bike Event

Hey Folks, While everyone is stoked for Enduro, Paca Penticton will be putting on a local Enduro event Sunday, June 18th!

$15 gets you an entry, a shuttle to Rusty Muffler, a Smugglers Smoke House sandwich and a beer or drink after the event!

Timing will be provided by Strava if you choose to race(cough).

Meet at Poplar Grove parking lot day of event at 10 am.


THE BIG UPDATE! -Thursday 15/6/2017


All the of trails are marked on the Mice for the event on Sunday! There are 4 segments total with 112m elevation gain, and 812 elevation loss! So people who say they are unfit have no excuse.

There is a fair number of trails and riding that is not timed, meaning that it is a great opportunity to ride with friends and make new ones!

The 4 segments are here:…/1038874055/segments/25530662431

The main courses are:
White Rabbit

Which brings me to a question I have been getting lately.

-What is an Enduro????-

The format of this event is that we shuttle you and your friends up to the Penticton reservoir via a big van with your bike. From there you start riding a marked trail, and within some of the trails there are segments that time you via GPS and an app called ‘Strava.’ The segments are clearly marked when they start and stop, as is the rest of the trail.

You can ride solo or with your friends, or meet up with them again at the end of the segment and carry onward to the next segment! I am aware that this may be the first MTB event for some of you, and thats great!

For the event on Sunday, you can choose to be timed or simply participate in the ride if you wish, either is welcome.

There is approximately 11.5 km of pure single track from the reservoir down to the starting parking lot where the gang can have drinks and food is provided by Cannery and Smugglers Smoke house.

This is a fantastic way to experience some of the best intermediate trails THE MICE has to offer and not have to decipher trail maps!

The idea of the event is that it is intermediate level. While the trails are rocky, rooty and difficult. There are no drops of extremely dangerous obstacles, it is pure mountain biking. You can ride as fast as you like or walk something if you feel uncomfortable. The goal is to have fun!

-What you should I bring???-
You should bring your regular riding gear IE Helmet, bike, knee arm pads if you regularly wear them. A camelbak if you use one, and water. It would be a good idea to bring extra water, energy bars, and EXTRA tubes as there are no aid stations in the ride. Because The MICE is known for flats, bringing extra tubes and CO2 or a pump would be a good idea.

Im hoping the group will stay primarily together, so should someone need a 4th tube or something, hopefully people can help each other out if need be.

I expect the riding itself to take about 1.5-2.5 hours, and the shuttle to be about 30 minutes. So budget about 3-4 hours depending on how fast you want to do the course.

The party, food, and drinks will start around 1:30, and we will crown who was fastest and pick random participants for games, challenges and prizes to crown the overall winner(challenges are a secret but will be fun I promise).

Registration start at 10, followed by a safety meeting, and more info about the event then shuttles will start.

If you have any questions please email me at:


At this point I wanted to thank all of our fantastic sponsors! THEY ROCK!

Smugglers Smoke House
Cannery Brewing
Hoodoo Aventures
Saltys Restaurant
Backyard Beans

PACA Enduro



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