Penticton Urban Cycling presentation from the AGM (video)

An enthusiastic group has begun to form in Penticton with a goal to increase safety, fun on bikes and better infrastructure for urban cycling. Matt Hopkins gave a presentation at PACA’s AGM on February 28 highlighting some of the problems with our current situation and listing some goals and opportunities that we have within our reach through a joint effort. 

 Matt said that his long-term goal is to get a safe, separated network throughout the city, or at the least, a separated north-south route through the city. “Cycling is for everyone and we will advocate as such. In the shorter term we will be focusing on things that we can do ourselves that are cheap, effective, and grow the cycling culture in Penticton.”

With Matt now on the PACA Board as our Urban Cycling Advocate, we will be forming a committee to work on these ideas and have some fun on two wheels. 

If you would like more information or you are interested in joining this committee you can email Matt at:

If you are unable to volunteer, then please consider becoming an member so that our voice is louder when we are lobbying. Car culture is huge and it will take a lot of effort and an open-minded government to make some of these changes. Check out the video below and spread the word!



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