Three Blind Mice trail update

Numerous hopeful riders from across the country have been calling the bike shops recently, asking about the status of the Mice trails. They, like us, are hopeful to get out there. 

Unfortunately, as you will see from these photos taken yesterday, much of the Mice is still under water or snow. Penticton had a large snow pack and saw its wettest March in record-taking history. We are seeing the effects of that. These photos are from the lower elevation trails (Rock Garden and Yellow Brick Road).

Thankfully in the meantime we are now able to get in to put up more of our new signage and perform some trail maintenance. PACA is hosting a Rec Sites & Trails BC trail workshop this month which will have 24 attendees all eager to learn the best practices for building and maintaining trails. 

We thank you for being so patient and respecting that we should be riding dirt (or pavement) and not mud. 

Thank you Jordy and Rob for the photos and trail work yesterday. 




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