Trail Day – June 25, 2017

Trail Day – Mice – June 25

Trail DayWell it is that time of the year again, time to put down the bike and pick up a shovel for the greater good. We had cut back on the amount of trail days because we know you’d rather be biking than digging, but this project is going to need many hands. I won’t say the guilt trip phrase “no dig, no ride” because many of you give so much in other capacities. However, those that want to get their hands dirty and have been intimidated by big manly men grunting and ripping chainsaws, then this could be the experience for you.


June 25, we are going to finally get that pesky section of Yellow Brick Road (YBR) that hasn’t seen a tire in many moons. You know, 200m passed the rock cairn by the old tree with the wooden sign, beyond the exit of 3 Witches. There is an erosion rut that crosses. Well that is YBR. The plan is to switchback our way up and resurrect a trail that has fallen into disarray as a result of water following a fall-line trail. The re-route is all flagged out and all the necessary approvals are in place for construction. We would love to get this project ticked off in a day so that we can finally close the book on our required repairs of the Mice and get cracking on upgrades.

UPDATE (June 23)

We’ve spend a few hours a day up there this week and are getting a feel for the land. It will be a mix of <grumble grumble> “stupid weeds” and “I’m pretty sure I just did a km of trail!!”.

  • Water. Considering the weather forecast, I really want to encourage everybody to bring water with them. We will supply as much as we can, but if its going to be as warm as they say, too much is never a bad thing.
  • Mosquitoes. Surprisingly not bad during the day, maybe it was all the after work time that gave the impression it would be unbearable.
  • Tools. We are sharpening them up as we speak; they will be up on site and ready. But if you have your own favourite ground breaker, by all means, please bring it (but make sure your name is on it).
  • Pre-work snack. Cobs Bread has offered up some eats for our morning briefing.
  • Lunch Sandwiches. We will have sandwiches supplied up at the trail.
  • Water and refreshments. There will be water and some electrolytes provided, but please be sure to come with some of your own as well. It will be easier if we don’t need to bring an extra 75L.
  • Post-work beverages. Bad Tattoo Brewing Company and the Cannery Brewing Company have supplied some adult beverages that will undoubtedly quench the dusty palate of the hard workers.
  • Thank you to all who have already signed up!!

UPDATE (June 20):

Plans have changed and we’ve got a special treat in store for all of you. We need a healthy crew to come help us put the finishing touches on the final bit of Neverland up at the Reservoir!! The rest of the new trail is settling in nicely (and secretly, as most of you won’t have seen it yet) but we need to get the top section dug in. This will be a big dig and with the help of many hands, we can blast this off in a day, or at the least, get the majority done so that it can be finished by the RATS during the weeknights.

This dig will involve some big glorious bench cuts and some light trail capping in the flatter zones. There are 3 switchbacks to dig, which if you remember from the Rusty Bridge dig, are fairly labourious. I will update the page with mapping when we get closer to the date.


Trailforks Link to Neverland build section

527m of Trail to dig (some quick raking)

31m of elevation gain.

June 25, 2017 PACA Trail Day dig session. Come out and help get this done!!!

  • June 25 – 9 am
  • Meet at PG parking lot off Naramata Rd.
  • Bring your working clothing (no spandex and flip flops), some water, sunscreen, and if you want, your favourite trail building tool. PACA will have its tools up there for use as well.
  • Socialize
  • Lunch and some liquids provided on the work site.
  • Work until you are just about too exhausted to safely get down 😉


Detailed Info

We want to meet at the Poplar Grove parking lot for 9am. Have some coffee, scones, muffins or whatever we manage to scrounge up. Have our standard social and avoid work for a bit. Then the herding will commence promptly at 9:30am. Shuttles up to the Reservoir will be provided but if you want to drive your own vehicle, that is good too. We are working right at the top and can nearly drive right up to the site.


We hope to see a lot of you there and if you can, give us a heads up if you are coming so we can plan some delicious grub and beverages. 

Cannery Brewing

Bad Tattoo Brewing Company

Cobs Bread



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