Trail Fundraising

PACA has embarked on a fundraising campaign to build funds to support local trail enhancement through the PACA Trail Fund.

The Community Foundation is providing the administrative support necessary to provide tax receipts for donations made to the PACA Trail Fund. 
Please go to for more details or to make a donation.



Our Efforts

In the spring of 2015, after 3 years of efforts we secured an agreement with the Provincial government to use, maintain and build trails within the 3 Blind Mice Network. Presently we are looking for funding for our three year Mountain Bike Trail Network Improvement and Expansion Plan within the South Okanagan.


Proposed 3 year plan which will be guided by the donors involved, PACA and land managers:

Year one would see PACA completing the “Neverland Trail”. In summer 2016 the first phase of this trail was built (cost of $28,500). Our goal is to continue this trail from its current end point to the trails at a higher elevation known as “The Reservoir”. The cost of this trail expansion would be approximately $20,000. which would include the design and building process. It is estimated that this work would take 2-3 weeks and PACA would aim to have this completed Spring 2017, in time for the 2017 riding season.

The “Neverland Trail” was outlined in a Trail Master Plan created by Alpine Bike Parks in 2014/15 as increase the value and usability of the Three Blind Mice trail network to further utilize the north end of the network and create a friendlier trail for high beginner/intermediate riders. It is also a fabulous way for more advanced riders to access the upper elevations of the network from the bottom.

Year two would see a trail plan created on Campbell Mountain with improvements to existing trails, trail decommissioning and a possible new flow trail. PACA is presently working with the City of Penticton to secure a similar agreement for Campbell Mountain as we have for the Three Blind Mice. Our plan is to hire a professional trail building company to design and build a flow trail to expand the current network of mountain bike trails in this area.

More details for a flow trail design and network improvements will follow as our work with securing access continue.

For year three PACA would plan a new intermediate trail descending from the Reservoir to create a similar experience from where the Neverland trail left off. One other option would be to take an existing trail and improve its condition to create a more harmonious and enjoyable descent to better utilize the terrain and maximize the elevation loss. Another option would be to continue work on the Campbell Mt network to increase sustainability or add to a flow trail if it is unable to be completed in its entirety in 2017.

PACA is committed to using a professional trail design and building crew for all of the above trail work as the workload and expertise required are beyond what our volunteer base can support. Our volunteers will be available to enhance where required and to provide ongoing feedback and maintenance which is a critical part of a trail network.

Funds collected for this project will be collected in a separate account and released on an as-needed basis by the supervising members. The progress of the project will be overseen and monitored by the PACA executive members.

Additionally, it is our hope that PACA will be able to leverage the funds donated from private sources to receive further funding from additional government and private groups. We have had great success with this strategy and received $34,750 matched funds from the Canada 150 Western Canada Economic Diversity fund in 2015.


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